Leda is a giant outdoor lighting fixture that lights up outdoor high protection environments.

Leda is designed by Morten Lyhne for Postgaarden in Copenhagen with the objective of creating an efficient and strong outdoor fixture with the graceful light of a full moon.

The body of Leda is made from white polyethylene rotation moulded in one piece. The material is UV- and chemical resistant and stands up to vandalism, weather, and wear & tear.

The white polyethylene body also serves as a diffuser for the LED light source and provides a pleasant light without glare – like a giant moon.

Technical information

The one-piece body ensures optimum protection of the electronics, and the outer surface is next to maintenance-free.

Leda is easily mounting on ceilings and walls as well as suspended. An aluminium plate with the electronic components is bolted on to the ceiling or wall, and the polyethylene body is fixed to the aluminium plate.

The outer diameter of Leda is Ø 100 cm.
Classification: IP66/IK10


Leda is only available as project sale. Contact Lyhne Design.

More information about Leda

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