The best of two worlds – Danish design and technology are joined in a new lighting fixture

Lyhne Design and Nordic Power Converters (NPC) have joined forces to create a new outdoor streetlight fixture, which is an example of Danish minimalistic design and innovative technology. The name NOLY is a combination of the Danish words Nordisk (Nordic) and Lys (Light).


The design is based on NPC’s compact and ultra slim LED driver, and the request from NPC to Lyhne Design was to design a fixture, which utilized the size factor of NPC’s cutting-edge driver. NOLY is thus very flat, but has a relatively large light surface in order to avoid glare. Technology actually allows us to design small fixtures, however, this would not be very interesting aesthetics wise. Our traditional perception of light is that light comes from a round source (e.g. the sun and the moon), so this is what people will instinctively prefer. In addition, an outdoor luminaire should have some size in order to be seen as part of the landscape. There are two other interesting design features worth mentioning. One is the fact that the glass has been pulled down below the housing so that the edge of the glass is visible from the side and thus serves as a natural light guide, which shows the course of the road. The other is the fact that we have designed two mounting brackets, one for vertical and one for horizontal mounting.

Development process & future

NOLY has been created in order to present the technology from NPC and the design from Morten Lyhne, but there is no manufacturer yet. The seeds for this collaboration between the two companies were planted on an innovation trip to South Korea in 2015, which had been arranged by The Innovation Network Dansk Lys and Innovation Center Denmark/Seoul supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs/The Trade Council (Danmarks Eksportråd, Udenrigsministeriet).

NOLY was presented by NPC and Morten Lyhne at the fair Lux Live in London 23-24 November 2016. We would like to find the right manufaturer for NOLY, but the primary ambition has been to show that we are creative and innovative in Denmark.

A third contributor to this project is Damvig Develop, who printed the 3D prototypes presented at Lux Live in London.

For more information about NOLY contact:

Morten Lyhne, Lyhne Design ApS
+45 2235 3510

Mickey Madsen, Nordic Power Converters ApS
+45 5050 6000

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