Ellie is an intelligent outdoor luminaire with a conventional appearance – produced by Prisma Light AB.

Ellie is well suited for parks, paths, urban spaces, plazas, parking lots etc. and the design is inspired by the old gas lamps with the intention of creating a sense of familiarity and comfort.

At the same time Ellie is designed with the latest LED and communication technology in order to provide the right amount of light when and where it is required. The intelligent control of light gives an optimum flexibility and an opportunity for resource savings, but it also ensures that light is provided when it is needed for the safety and comport of people.

Technical information

Ellie is prepared for the future. All electronic and smart city devices are integrated in the top part, which is made from plastic to enable communication. LEDs are placed in the lower part of the top and light is diffused by a cone. Three rods connect the top and bottom parts and carry the wires for the electronics. The bottom part contains the motion sensor.

More information about Ellie

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