Thor S


Thor S is a platform based LED street lantern and is a smaller version of Thor L. Thor was designed for the city of Copenhagen – produced by Thorn Lighting.

A round design has been chosen because Copenhagen has a tradition for round lighting fixtures. So the appearance of Thor S is traditional, however, innovation is indicated by a flat design, which is only possible with the LED technology. All electronics and smart city devices are placed inside the fixture, which ensures a high level of aesthetics in a very technically advanced product.

Thor S is unique as it can meet all requirements in one design – the simple base design can be adjusted as required like it is done in the car industry. In combination with Thor L, the design works equally well in parks, along paths, on squares, along small roads and along highways. Thor S can be mounted on poles at various heights as well as on a wire, and the three bracket solutions fit both Thor S and Thor L.

Technical information

Thor’s platform design provides a huge amount of possibilities to customize the product. It is easy to mount all kinds of motion sensors and other electronic devices, e.g. WiFi, Smart city systems and cameras. For the version with PC top, it will also be possible to mount antennas inside.

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