Asima Bollard – solar powered


Asima Bollard is a stand-alone solar powered bollard – produced by Suncil.

Asima Bollard is part of the Asima family of intelligent, solar powered products, which provide light in areas where cabling is not available or feasible. It thus provides sustainable light for safe navigation in remote areas for e.g. pedestrians, cyclists & runners.

Solar cells generate power from diffuse light as well as direct sun light during the day, which is consumed during the night to light up the bollard.

Technology is integrated in the design; i.e. no external PV panel, battery & control unit.

Technical information

The PV panel is placed on the top part.

The PCB board is placed in a circle in the top part and provides direct as well as indirect light.

Battery and control unit are placed inside the top part.

Power generation and light performance depend on geography, location, season, shade, temperature & weather conditions

More information about Asima Bollard

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