Asima – solar powered


Asima is a stand alone solar powered LED luminaire, which provides light in areas where cabling is not available or feasible. Solar cells generate power during the day, which is consumed during the night to light up the luminaire.

Beautiful design, intelligent construction and innovative technology come together in this luminaire, which meets requirements for efficiency, feasibility & sustainability.

Asima is designed by Morten Lyhne and developed together with Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Technical Information

The PV panel is placed on the top part. Solar cells are placed on a white background to ensure an optimum effect. The PV panel has been tilted 5° to increase effect and keep the surface free of water.

The PCB board is placed in a circular housing under the reflector and includes 16 LEDs. The LEDs are placed in two half circles, which provides possibilities for symmetrical and asymmetrical light control.

The control unit is mounted through the door in the lower part of the pole. The control unit is pre-programmed to provide light all night based on the amount of power generated during the day.

The battery is placed inside the pole together with the control box and has an expected lifetime of approximately 5 years.


Asima is manufactured by Suncil ApS,

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