Thor Bollard Slim


Thor Bollard Slim is a tall, slim outdoor bollard based on LED technology – produced by Thorn Lighting.

The design is inspired by traditional bollards. Thor Bollard Slim is a robust outdoor bollard with a combination of indirect and direct light that has no glare, high efficiency with minimal energy consumption and a simple, elegant design. It offers the option of both symmetric and asymmetric light.

The bollard has a RGB LED ring placed between the top part and the tube, which provides red, green or blue light. It works perfectly as a light racing hare or other kind of signal feature, and it can be programmed and adjusted to any requirement. The RGB LED ring may also simply be used as decoration.

Technical information

The Thor bollard tube is extruded aluminium. It has a PC hatch in the lower part through which the bollard can be serviced.

The top part consists of a cast aluminium top, a transparent PC cover and a white reflector to direct light without glare. LEDs are placed in the top to provide direct downlight and indirect light via the reflector. The aluminium top ensures cooling of the LEDs.

The RGB LED ring is placed between the tube and the top part. It is possible to install a motion sensor by the PC hatch in the tube, which activates the white light.

More information about Thor Bollard

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