Sunray is a triangular solar mast – produced by Suncil ApS.

Sunray is designed to provide solar power for street light in the most elegant and cost efficient way. The basic idea was to design a simple and strong solar mast concept that could meet all technical requirements for performance and flexibility, and still ensure a high level of aesthetics.

Technology has been integrated in the design, i.e. Batteries, control units and other electronics and smart city devices are placed inside the mast, with an easy access from the outside.

Sunray’s modular design provides an opportunity to customize the mast as required. It is available in heights from 4 to 12 metres, and luminaires and other devices e.g. lightguides and smart city devices can be mounted at various heights. This makes Sunray well suited for installation in many different environments – along highways, smaller streets or paths.

Technical information

4-12 metres high.

Extruded aluminum profiles with PV panels mounted vertically on each side.

Control unit and batteries are placed inside the mast.

Power generation and light performance depend on geography, location, season, shade, temperature & weather conditions

More information about Sunray

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