Adelie is an elegant outdoor luminaire based on LED technology.

Adelie is a unique post-top mounted luminaire, which combines a ring of LEDs with a funnel-shaped canopy to provide a comfortable indirect light to create a soft ambience.

The efficiency is high due to the LED technology with minimal energy consumption and the indirect light ensures that there is no glare.

The elegance of Adelie is emphasized by the fact that the luminaire has no glas and no visible screws.

Technical information

Adelie is built from sandy grey aluminium with a white reflector to provide light without glare. The surface is teflon-coated to ensure that it remains both water and stain repellent (sealed to IP65). The circular LED compartment has a ribbed base to dissipate heat and prolong life. It is topped with a PMMA lens, inclined to allow water run off.

LFI award winner

The LFI Innovation Awards honor industry innovations for lighting-related products and designs introduced in the past 12 months. Adelie won best-of-category award within Roadway/Parking Garage at the LFI Innovation Awards presentation on May 9, 2012 in Las Vegas.

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Adelie in Cannes

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